Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale

Massey Ferguson is a solid name in the agricultural product industry due to its impeccable performance through the years. This world-renowned tractor brand is popular for its versatility and unbeatable performance. Having served hundreds of agricultural industries worldwide, the tractor brand has established itself as a reliable partner that will not let you down.


Massey Ferguson tractors have been proudly dominating the agricultural segment of Africa since decades. African farmers prefer Massey Ferguson tractors over any other brand due to their durability and unmatched performance. Massey Ferguson tractors are a prime example of important high-power vehicles that get the job done in a fraction of time.


Deciding what tractor to invest in can be a hard job. It depends largely on the farmer's needs and what he expects from his tractor. Massey Ferguson tractors are available in a large variety of compact, sub-compact, utility, mid-range and high horsepower ranges. A farmer can choose a tractor of a certain horsepower range depending on the kind of implements he wants to use with it. Hence, the traction of a tractor is an important factor while choosing it.


One must consider a tractor's productivity, construction and efficiency when selecting the right tractor for their farm. There is enough evidence present in the market that speaks volumes of the brand's reliability in terms of performance. The smaller horsepower models perform so good that they can easily be mistaken for the higher horsepower models.


Also, one must applaud the Massey Ferguson engines that are decked with advanced technology specifications that help simplify your regular farming processes. Its engine also features clean air technology and meets the Tier-4 interim emission standards which means lesser air pollution. Fuel efficiency is the engine's biggest plus point. The four-cylinder engine consumes minimal fuel translating to maximum efficiency. The tractor's impressive fuel efficiency makes it the perfect choice for arduous day-to-day tasks that require fuel for functioning.


Our wide range of brand new tractor models include:

  • MF 240
  • MF 260
  • MF 360
  • MF 375
  • MF 375 (4WD)
  • MF 385
  • MF 385 (4WD)


We also stock used and refurbished varieties of Massey Ferguson tractors that cost less but can be mistaken for brand new tractors when it comes to performance. Have a look at the tractor models listed below along with their technical specifications, and choose the right one for your farm.